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Men of Impact

Men of Impact

Men are the pillars of society and the primary purpose of the Men Of Valor Fellowship is to lead men to God and for them to mature in Christ.
The Men of Valor Fellowship realize the need for men to come together to discuss and develop their skills and abilities as husbands and fathers to lead their families in the Biblical way amidst so much confusion that plagues society.

We invite every adult male to be part of the Men’s Fellowship, and to contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom.


  • To intercede for the men and the church.
  • To encourage men to take part in church ministry
  • To encourage men to attend church programs regularly e.g. Sunday services, midweek services, prayer meetings and other relevant programs.
  • To encourage men to get involved in fundraising ventures to support the church.
  • To encourage effective communication among the men.
  • To help one another achieve individual and corporate goals.
  • To continue supporting the church in its programs of outreach.
  • To build strong relationships. To have corporate prayers as a team.
  • To fundraise resources for development purposes.
  • To strengthen outreach programs.
  • To encourage group work and skills training.
  • To help meet needs within the men’s fellowship.